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Printed Z-Cards

As you can see above, these are high gloss cards printed on the front and back with a number of photos as per customer’s requirement. The possibilities are endless and we can customise your Z-Card exactly the way you want it. The master price includes a One-hour consultation at The Source Photography and your master could even be made up while you wait. The card measures 13cm by 18cm and is laminated for long life. They can also be made up in any quantities.

Digital Z-Cards

Digital Z-Cards are absolutely brilliant! It's the latest way to introduce your photographic portfolio to a prospective agent. The CD once loaded into a computers CD-ROM will automatically run showing a series of photos with background music. The advantage of this type of Z-Card is it makes much more of an impact than a normal Z-Card. Once it is copied to a PC it can be played an unlimited amount of times