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Photographer services vary depending on the type of shoot and the quantity of photos required (typically from 60 to 100 per hour). The type of work also determines the quantity of photos per hour and whether more than one photographer is required. An hourly rate (below) is quoted as a guideline but this is probably a worse case scenario so please call for an accurate quotation.

Hourly Rate

First Hour R650-00

Hourly Thereafter R495-00

The Source Photography offers a range of options to suit both the budget and the type or style of wedding. Many customers find they would prefer their weddings to be intimate private affairs without the photographer clamouring to guests to get that shot. The Source Photographers are skilled at being non-intrusive if required.

Others prefer a show wedding with many photos starting from whilst the bride is getting her hair done right up until the last guest leaves the reception. Once again, The Source Photography can accommodate.

Rates vary from R2300. Please contact us as certain aspects must be discussed in order to prepare a realistic quote.



Text Box: Photography and video standard packages


List cost

What you get



Photographer from about 20 minutes before the ceremony till 20 minutes into the reception.


Services of the photographer CD with all the digital full resolution images 250+ photos taken

Only 20 minutes post ceremony photos. No prints


Photographer from one hour before the ceremony until about one hour into the reception.


Services of the photographer, CD with all the digital full resolution images, 450+ photos taken  About 50 prints including enlargements Web presence with about 5 images. Digital editing (samples)


No reception party pics. Not many prints and small web presence.




Photographer from about two hours before the ceremony until deep into the reception.


Services of the photographer.  CD with all the digital full resolution images (x3). 600+ photos taken. About 100 prints including enlargements.   Web presence with about 15 images.   Digital editing (samples).   Digital conversion to BW and sepia (about 20).   Discount on reprints 

Almost none

Video / DVD


Videographer for the ceremony


Video of the ceremony cut to DVD. (About 30 mins)

One camera only. Limited editing. No speeches.



Videographer for around one hour before the ceremony till one hour into the reception.


Video of the wedding cut to DVD. (About 45 mins).  Editing in of supplied music.  Dual angle shooting using two cameras. *     2 copies of the DVD 

Limited or no photo inclusion.  No guest messages.



Videographer for around two hours before the ceremony till deep into the reception.



Video of the wedding cut to DVD. (60  mins+).   Editing in of supplied music.   Dual angle shooting using two cameras. *     3 copies of the DVD.  Inclusion of photos*             Guest messages Chapters and Titles

Almost none


















Model Portfolios

At The Source Photography we like to make a portfolio shoot something to remember and often those who meet at the shoot soon become friends. We also cater for beginners and/or very young children. All shoots have a crew and parents or friends are encouraged to attend. The fashion world has a number of unscrupulous players in it and we aim to eliminate the stigma attached to some photographers. Our aim is to supply an excellent value for money service and we hope all our customers become valued clients.

Model portfolios have been completed in a number of locations both domestic and international. The Source Photography is the preferred service provider to a number of model schools and agencies all over South Africa. The shoot will usually include all venue fees if shot on locations where a fee needs to be paid. In the event of a long shoot, refreshments or lunch will be provided. Although we can supply make-up artists and stylists at a reasonable cost, many prefer to supply their own.

Full Shoot - R3500
Includes: ±500 photos taken, 6 looks, prints bundle, original CD with all the "negatives".

Half Shoot - R1700
Includes: ±250 photos taken, 3 looks, prints bundle, original CD with all the "negatives".

1 Look Shoot - R450
Includes: ±80 photos taken, 1 look, prints bundle, original CD with all the "negatives".

Test Shoot - R250
Includes: ±50 photos taken, 1 looks, original CD but pictures include The Source Photography Logo.

(All portfolio shoots include editing vouchers and future discounts at The Source Photography.)

Z-Cards (Printed)
These are high gloss cards printed on the front and rear with a number of photos as per your requirement. The possibilities are endless and we can customise your Z-Card exactly the way you want it. The master price includes an one-hour consultation at The Source Photography. Your master could even be made up while you wait. The card measures 13cm by 18cm and is laminated for long life. They can also be made up in any quantities.

Master (from digital) - R350
Scans (from original photos) - R 10 each
Cards - R 20 each

Z-Cards (Digital)
Digital Z-Cards are the latest way to introduce your photographic portfolio to a prospective employer. The CD, once loaded into a computer's CD-ROM, will automatically run showing a series of photos with background music. The advantage of this type of Z-Card is it makes much more of an impact than a normal Z-Card or book. Once it is copied to a PC, it can be played an unlimited amount of times.
Master (from digital photos) - R350 to R750 depending on complexity.

Scans (from original photos) - R 10 each

Unprinted CD's - R 20 each

The Source Photography printed CD's - R 40 each

Custom CD's (just burning) - R 10 each

Photo inserts for CD jewel case - R 15 each


High quality prints on photographic paper can be produced in any size from Jumbo right up to posters. The cost of prints varies depending on whether The Source Photographer was hired for the event or not. As all work is digital, if the photographer is hired, the customer will usually have all the negatives. The customer is then at liberty to make their own prints, however due to our special rates and large format capabilities, often customers still use The Source Photography for their printing.

Pricing on our printing will be updated soon, please check back for that.